Panel material for wall applications

The alternative to glass back walls

Is there an easier way? With our self-adhesive materials for roll back walls, you offer your customers as a digital printer a very easy way to give kitchens and bathrooms a fresh look. Measure, cut, glue - done!
Much cheaper and easier to transport than traditional wooden panels or glass back panels.
Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from the growing market interior design and home decor to benefit.

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The advantages at a glance

• easy manufacture
• high rigidity
• easy assembly without squeegees and milling
• sticks to tiles, plaster, concrete, plasterboard
• unproblematic shipping
• easy to clean

2 high quality finishes

Protect 250 glass clear

has a special Hardened and extremely scratch-resistant surface. The high-gloss surface, which looks like a glass surface, is characteristic of the print laminated with Protect 250 glass clear. The transparent polyester film is resistant to grease splashes and water vapor and does not yellow.

Protect 220 glass matt SoftTouch

is a hardened, matt polyester film with an anti-fingerprint coating. Due to the scratch-resistant surface, the protective laminate is ideal for mechanically demanding laminations. The PVC-free material does not yellow and is washable. fingerprints remain invisible.

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Easy processing in 3 steps

1. Printing: 

You can print on the Blockout 360 LUVESS SM W adh substrate with latex or eco-solvent inks.

2. Laminating: 

You laminate the glass laminate Protect 250 glass clear or Protect 200 glass matt SoftTouch to the print material on the front using a laminating machine.


3. Final assembly: 

The final assembly on a backsplash or other smooth surfaces is very easy and requires almost no tools.

2-layer composite

This composite is suitable for attachment to even, smooth surfaces.
So easy to produce this roll back panel in just three steps:

1. Printing: You print the substrate Blockout 360 LUVESS SM W adh with latex, eco-solvent or solvent inks.
2. Laminating: They cover the glass laminate Protect 250 glass clear on the front side with a laminating machine on the printing material.
3. Assembly: Finally, finish the assembly to the final format - done!

Our tip:
Laminate this composite on an aluminum Dibond plate to create a beautiful picture with glass optics: It looks deceptively like a real glass picture, but at the same time is much more practical and cheaper.

Suitable substrates

  • • Glass
  • • Plasterboard
  • • Alu Dibond
  • • MDF board
  • • other smooth surfaces

All surfaces should be free of dust, dirt, grease and oil.

3-layer composite

Distinguishing for this network is a additional stiffening by a self-adhesive foam layer. The 3-layer composite is also easy to attach to uneven surfaces such as tiles or painted walls, slight bumps are bridged and are hardly or not visible.
That's how easy it works Processing in four steps:

1. Printing: You print the substrate 
Blockout 360 LUVESS SM W with latex, eco-solvent or solvent inks.
2. Laminating: You laminate the glass laminate Protect 250 glass clear to the print material on the front using a laminating machine.
3. Laminating: In addition, laminate the double-sided self-adhesive Power Foam Tape to the back of the print material.
4. Assembly: Finally, finish the assembly to the final format - done!

Our tip:
With this combination, you can offer an excellent alternative to conventional glass back walls for the kitchen, or give your customers a new look as a shower back wall.

Suitable substrates

  • • Tiles
  • • Woodchip (if coated with emulsion paint)
  • • OSB board
  • • Mineral plaster/masonry

green product

With GoGreener products, we only use sustainable and PVC-free materials. Many customers have increasing demands when it comes to sustainability. With GoGreener you meet these requirements and meet the current zeitgeist.

More about GoGreener

Protect 250 glass clear for high-gloss glass pictures

Alu-Dibond with Protectglass Laminate:

– High-gloss, authentic glass look

– Light weight – easy shipping

- Shatterproof

You want to test?

Benefit from our test rolls with full right of return! 

How our satisfaction guarantee works: We send you an original roll with a 14-day right of return and you test our print media under real production conditions. If you are not completely convinced by the product, simply use our 14-day right of return: you can send us back the part you have started and we will refund the complete material price.

Sounds exciting?

Do you have questions about the material or processing?

Simply contact us – by phone, email or via our website. We would also be happy to send you free hand samples. 

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