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Photo: Niggemeyer Pro Imaging
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Successful with PVC-free Kavalan banners from com2C

Kavalan, a renowned manufacturer of environmentally friendly PVC-free banner materials, has started distributing its innovative product range on the German market in close partnership with com2C. At a time when sustainability and environmental protection are playing an increasingly important role, Kavalan's high-quality print media offer a groundbreaking green solution.
The PVC-free banner materials, distributed by print media provider com2C, are characterised by their environmental compatibility and exceptional quality. Below we present two inspiring success stories from customers who have successfully used Kavalan's PVC-free print media to achieve their goals.


🗩 EDEL trade fair advertising and PVC-free banners from Kavalan

Christian Oehne and Henrik Edel, Management EDEL Messereklame und Digitaldruck GmbH
Please explain in your own words a bit about Edel Messereklame und Digitaldruck GmbH – the work you do, the services you offer, the type of customers and companies you serve, business size and location.

EDEL Messereklame und Digitaldruck GmbH is the reliable partner for large format printing and the production of marketing and communication media. For over 50 years, the company has specialised in the production, assembly and installation of large-format trade fair advertising and digital prints of all kinds throughout the Rhine-Main region. The company's headquarters, including its own production facilities, are located in Frankfurt am Main and Bad Homburg. We focus on quality "Made in Europe".

As an innovative full-service partner, we look after our customers on request, from design and production to professional assembly, including the submission of building applications.

With state-of-the-art technology and an optimally prepared production team, we reliably deliver guaranteed quality at an outstanding pace.

As a family business, satisfied and optimally trained employees are important to us, as well as state-of-the-art systems. Responsible, ethically correct and legal actions are just as essential to our success as our know-how, our innovative strength and our reliability.

Investments in our trainees and the development of our own employees are crucial to the sustainability of our company. With a team of 4 masters and 15 trained sign and illuminated advertising manufacturers and as an active training company, we create space for creativity and a breath of fresh air based on acquired specialist knowledge and proven know-how. Our customers also benefit from this by knowing that they have a strong team at their side.

How important is sustainability for you and your customers? Can you describe your sustainability initiatives as a company?

Since 2009, the entire EDEL Group, including EDEL Messereklame und Digitaldruck GmbH, has been using green electricity to cover all of its electricity consumption. We are consistently taking this first step further and converting the entire company to LED lighting. This means we can continue to offer perfect working conditions with lower power consumption.

We have also installed a heat recovery system in our production facility to efficiently use the heat contained in the exhaust air.

But that's not enough! We only use certified, pure materials. This enables optimal recyclability. We also use materials made from fished-out, recycled ocean plastic.

We are also pioneers when it comes to e-mobility: our fleet is electric. Of course, you can charge on site using the boxes specially installed for this purpose.

By using the latest technologies and resource-saving processes, we not only rely on environmentally friendly materials, but also on resource-saving production processes. We follow the circular economy path by integrating recyclable and reusable materials into our solution.
Through our all-encompassing approach, we conserve resources, reduce existing waste and minimize rejects.

Can you say something about EDEL Messereklame’s long-term sustainability goals?

EDEL Messeeklame is aiming for complete climate neutrality by 2025.

Our goal is to be a leading provider of environmentally friendly and sustainable visual solutions and thus to have a positive influence on sustainability, resource conservation and environmental protection in society through our suppliers and customers.

We strive to continually reduce the carbon footprint of our products and services to help our customers advance their own sustainability agenda. 

How did you find out about Kavalan?

We have been working with com2C for several years now - for example, we purchase laminates and blockout media from the print media manufacturer in Porta Westfalica. We became aware of Kavalan's PVC-free range through posts on LinkedIn.

Why did you decide that Kavalan Sunlight Weldable was a suitable product for the type of work you do?

The PVC-free banner material is exactly what our customers are increasingly asking for. We really wanted to be able to offer a suitable, green solution here. There are no differences in printability compared to conventional PVC banners - so Sunlight Weldable fits perfectly into our workflow. The lower weight of Kavalan banners compared to PVC media also played into our hands. It makes processing easier and reduces our transport costs – a big plus in times of high energy and transport costs! Ultimately, the price structure of Kavalans Sunlight Weldable is such that everyone can live well with it. We and our customers believe that the higher price compared to PVC banners is absolutely justified. The green added value is what counts!

What do you think are the main advantages of Kavalan Sunlight Weldable?

Sunlight Weldable has a bright white surface and enables a perfect print image. With minor adjustments, the PVC-free banner can be welded just as well and safely as the environmentally harmful alternative.

Last but not least, we are happy about the resource savings – and certainly the environment too! With the same high resilience, the Kavalan banner material is significantly lighter than comparable PVC media.

How have your customers responded to using a sustainable alternative solution in the form of Kavalan materials?

What our partner com2C had enthusiastically announced has been confirmed here: the customer reactions are consistently positive! Our customers really appreciate being able to rely on high-quality, durable and PVC-free banner media. For many projects, the green aspect has now become the decisive competitive advantage.

Can you provide an estimate of the amount of product you are using or intend to use?

At EDEL Messereklame we estimate the potential of Kavalan Sunlight Weldable to be around 10,000 square meters per year.

Can you share details about specific projects you have done with Kavalan?

In addition to several customer projects with Kavalan banners, we also used the material for our open house event. For signage and labeling, we processed a total of 500m² of material and printed it with UV-curing inks on the durst Rho 312. With edge reinforcement and eyelets, we produced fence banners and banners for indoor and outdoor use. The PVC-free banner material was ideal for the event with customers, suppliers and guests from administration and business because it perfectly conveys our values and principles. Since we have a CO. by 20252If we want to be a neutral company, we are on exactly the right path with Kavalan Druckmedien and were able to communicate this well to customers and interested parties.

Are you planning to use other solutions from the Kavalan range?

In the future we also want to use the weldable blockout banner Butterfly Weldable from Kavalan.

Com2C and Kavalan are jointly focused on building a greener, more sustainable printing industry - is this an important factor in your partnership with com2C?

EDEL Messereklame and com2C share a similar goal: Just like our partner, we work on various levels to be a leading provider of environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. The collaboration with the manufacturer from Porta Westfalica is beneficial for everyone involved.


🗩 Niggemeyer Pro Imaging and PVC-free banners from Kavalan

Roland Niggemeyer, Managing Director Niggemeyer Pro Imaging GmbH & Co. KG
In your own words, please explain a little about Niggemeyer Pro Imaging - the work you do, the services you offer, the type of clients and companies you serve, company size and location.

Niggemeyer Pro Imaging generates the majority of its sales with customers from the high-quality fashion retail sector, i.e. larger department stores and chain stores who regularly need new campaign prints at the start of the season and equip existing displays with new images. In addition, Niggemeyer also supplies trade fair and shopfitting companies that require large-format images at trade fair stands and other events and mount them on behalf of their customers. Other customers include larger blue-chip companies from industry, but also smaller, medium-sized companies that use large-format images to set new accents in the company's interior or with new outdoor advertising on their own facade. Museums and other public institutions regularly order completely new exhibitions from Niggemeyer, either for permanent or temporary staging of the rooms. Niggemeyer produces at 2 locations in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, on a total area of approx. 5,000 square meters in the heart of the Ruhr area, one of the largest and most densely populated industrial regions in Europe. With around 55 employees, the company generates sales of around 7 million euros.

How important is sustainability for you and your customers? Can you describe your sustainability initiatives as a company?

Working within the “planetary boundaries” while taking into account the set climate goals is not only part of our own company philosophy, but is increasingly required by the market and our customers. That is why environmental protection is also a goal and an essential measure within our long-term corporate strategy. Specific measures that we take every day to actively protect the environment include: 

– Strict waste separation of the various fuel residues and other residual waste,

– Establishment of so-called garbage islands, marked for different materials

– Proper disposal including documentation and labeling

– Special storage and disposal of special materials such as paint, varnish, etc.

– Energy saving measures such as: switching all lighting to LED, reducing water consumption, specifying room temperatures, motto “lights off”,

– Green electricity and gas tariffs from the local energy supplier

– “Source local” philosophy wherever possible

– Switching to sustainable cleaning products throughout the company

– Optimization of presence/production times so that overall 1-shift operation is achieved and less energy is consumed,

– Consistent home office regulations for employees in pre-press and sales,

– Switching the paper quality for in-house printing to recycled material,

– Avoidance of thermal bridges in production through separate curtain systems,

– New company car regulations, at least hybrid, better fully electric,

– Modern filter systems for machines that are connected to the supply/exhaust air.

Can you talk about Niggemeyer’s long-term sustainability goals?

Just 4 weeks ago, the latest large-format HP Latex machine generation was installed at Niggemeyer. The clear long-term sustainability goal is to be able to offer the customer a completely CO2-neutral product, made from materials with a high recycled content, with colors that not only comply with the currently valid laws and guidelines, but have already been further developed and are the next generation of absolutely harmless ones Chemical mixtures correspond. We want to be one of the leading print providers in our industry, offering a fully circular economy of printed products. In order to achieve these goals, we undergo neutral observation, testing and certification through the globally recognized EMAS standard process.   

How did you find out about Kavalan?

I have met Mr. Rob Karpenko on several occasions and was approached by our supplier Com2c about Kavalan materials as an alternative to PVC-containing mesh and frontlit materials.

Why did you decide that Kavalan Sunlight Weldable and Mesh300 are suitable for the type of work you do?

We made the product selection in coordination with our supplier com2C. The decisive factor was our customers' desire to break new ground after we explained the possibilities, quality and positive environmental aspect of the material. In addition, the presentation of the savings effect in terms of the SDGs via the Kavalan calculator was a convincing argument. With Sunlight Weldable and Spiderweb 300 we can now offer PVC-free alternatives to traditional banner and mesh products.

What do you think are the main advantages of Kavalan Sunlight Weldable/Mesh300?

The materials correspond to a new “zeitgeist” of sustainability, even for large-format outdoor advertising, because in addition to the absolutely comparable image quality, they also meet all standards in terms of resilience – provided that the edges are reinforced accordingly. The fact that the material is PVC-free is not just a real add-on, but an argument to be taken seriously if the customer is actually serious about a “changed purchasing policy” in favor of the environment.

How have your customers responded to using a sustainable alternative solution in the form of Kavalan materials?

Consistently positive, because the visible results fully corresponded to the wishes and expectations. After the first campaign, the customer decided to stick with this material and continue on the path of CO2-reduced production.

Can you provide information on the estimated volume of the product you are using or plan to use? Can you share details about specific projects you have done with Kavalan?

For example, we recently implemented a major campaign for a department store chain entirely using the PVC-free Kavalan material. For this purpose, we produced 70 large-format posters and placed them at 52 locations. In total, the project comprised 3,690 square meters of production space. Another campaign of the same size is in preparation.

Are you planning to use other solutions from the Kavalan range?

Yes, we also want to increasingly present Kavalan materials in the shopfitting/trade fair area. Just like our partner com2C, we see high demand here, especially in combination with HP latex printing. We have already presented the Kavalan material for the preparation of the EURO2024 European Football Championship in Germany and have received positive reactions from customers.

Do you have questions about the PVC-free banner media?

We will be happy to inform you - just write us a short message!

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